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Any questions, please call or text Adrian at (951) 490-8963 or (951) 490-8927

   Open7am - 6pm Mon thru Sat       Abierto 7am - 6pm Lunes a Sabado

Portable Restrooms 
Porta-Potty's are available with or without hand wash station.
Baños Portátil se rentan con o sin lava manos.

Vega Party Rentals

Vega Party Rentals is a local family business that offers party rental services. We rent Mechanical Bulls, Jumpers, Tables, Chairs, and so much more. We have quality rental equipment for all your party needs. We are located in Perris, CA. We deliver 7 days a week.

 Propane Heater 
Propane Heaters can be rented with or without a propane tank.
Calenton se renta con o sin el tanque de propano. 

        Tables and Chairs              
Rectangular and Round Tables are available with white chairs.        


Mesas Rectangulares y Redondas de Plastico Blanco disponibles con Sillas de Plastico Blanco

Jukebox & Karaoke
Jukebox & Karaoke are pre-programmed with over 90,000 songs and include two wireless microphones.  Please call for more information.
rokolas y Karaoke
Rockola y Karaoke estan programadas con mas de 90,000 canciones. Vienen incluidos dos microfonos inalambricos. Favor de llamar para mas informacion.

Tents are available in various sizes.  Sizes start at 20' x 20'. Tents include fluorescent lighting.
Carpas disponibles en varias medidas. Comienzan en 20' x 20'. Viene incluido una luz en el techo. 

Boy and Girl Jumpers are available with various animated characters such as Frozen, Lego, Spiderman, Spongebob, PRINCESS, ETC...        
Brincolines para Niño y Niña de diferente caricaturas
         como Hello Kitty, Tinkerbell, Cars, Toy Story,
              Deportivo y mucho mas...

              Mechanical Bulls               
Mechanical Bulls for adults and children (300 lbs. max). Various styles available. Bulls can be rented per day or per hour.

Toros Mecanicos para adultos y niños (300 lbs. maximas). Varios estilos disponibles. Se puede rentar por dia o por hora